New Yugioh Customers Start Here!

New Yugioh Customers Start Here!If you are new to the world of Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, or you are buying a present for someone who plays either of the games, the question we are asked most often is "What should I buy", or "Which one is best", so I thought I'd lay out some practical advice which hopefully can aid your choices, and make sure you pick the right item for you, or for your friend or family member. Picking the right thing will always make you look awesome. :) We've also included links to the Yu-Gi-Oh items on the website, so just click on the underlined item, and it'll take you straight to it.
Yugioh is traditionally played by older players, but can be played from everyone from 6 years and up.

Starter Decks
When starting to play for the first time it's probably best to pick up one of the Yugioh Starter Decks. These have a constructed deck, together with rules, a Play Mat, so you can arrange the cards in the correct piles for when you play, and  you can start playing right out of the box.

Structure Decks
Once you've got the hang of the game a Yugioh Structure Deck is also a pre-constructed deck so you can start playing straight away.

If you are buying for someone else, for the new player either of these is fine, but if you are buying for an experienced player you may want to check if they already have one of the decks you may be looking at.

Which one is best?
Well, like most things this differs from player to player, but from a popularity point of view, Marik, Gates of the Underworld, and  Zombie World are some of our best selling Yugioh Structure decks.

Booster packs. 
Each pack contains a random selection of cards, usually a rare card  or foil card in each pack, and some packs have more then 1 rare, depending on how lucky you are. Buying packs is a good way to build your deck, and with a lucky pack, you could pull a really valuable card, both in terms of gameplay and actual cost. Some single Yugioh cards sell for over 100.00. But as each pack is randomly made up, the chances of finding 2 identical packs are so slim, it's never happened to me so far, so you can buy with confidence. But if the packs you choose do have cards that the player already has, they can either swap or trade with friends, or we buy and trade with our customers. (but usually only on the rarer cards)

Yugioh Collector Tins
These are a great value way to pick up multiple packs of yugioh cards, together with exclusive or limited yugioh foil cards that are great for gameplay.
These make an ideal present, but again it's worth checking whether the recipient already has these, as they usually sell really well on release because they are such good value. 

Yugioh Special Editions.
These are usually sealed packs of 3 booster packs together with an exclusive foil card. If the player has a favourite set, this is a good way to build on that. 

Single cards
When you've played the game for a little while, you'll start to notice how other players are using different cards to help them win the duels, and the games. Buying single Yugioh cards is a great way to get exactly the cards you need to build or enhance your deck, and sometimes can work out cheaper than buying multiple packs searching for that one elusive card. We have an extensive selection of Yugioh cards on the website.

Most of all, have fun with the game. If you think you are a good player, there's Organised Yugioh Tournaments in local towns, Yugioh Regional Tournaments, Yugioh Nationals and Yugioh World Championships too, with huge prizes.All this can start from a simple deck.
And if you win thousands don't forget - mine's a beer :)

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