Take a look at our store! UPDATED 15/8/15

Take a look at our store! UPDATED 15/8/15Take a look at the pics of our new store! at Stockport Indoor Market. We've put them in the gallery section here, or you can view them on our Facebook page.

UPDATED Store Opening Hours are:-
15-Aug SAT 9.00-4.30
18-Aug TUES9.00-4.30
20-Aug THUR 9.30-3.00
21-Aug FRI 9.00-4.30
22-Aug SAT 9.00-4.30
25-Aug TUES 9.00-4.30
27-Aug THUR 9.30-3.00
28-Aug FRI 9.00-4.30
29-Aug SAT 9.00-4.30
(these hours are the times the Market is open. We can only open these hours. You can always contact us 9.00am - 8.00pm Mon - Fri on the phone)
and the website is open 24 hours!

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