Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Packs Epic Dawn - PRE-ORDER NOW! (Due 25th May 2012)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Packs Epic Dawn - PRE-ORDER NOW! (Due 25th May 2012)Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Pack Epic Dawn
Configuration: 36 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.
Here comes a new kind of pack for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game! Battle Pack: Epic Dawn is specifically designed for the ultimate challenge of skills and abilities: sealed pack play!
For sealed pack play, players do not bring their own decks but take booster packs and make these cards into brand new decks. Duelists have enjoyed sealed pack play for years, using normal boosters. What makes the Battle Pack so different is that it's the first booster set specifically created for these kind of duels!
•The complete Battle Pack: Epic Dawn set contains 220 cards, so no two Dueling experiences will ever be the same.
•The set includes awesome cards duelists will want for their regular deck and collection, like Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon, Tour Guide From the Underworld, Fabled Raven, Doomcaliber Knight, Forbidden Lance, and two new cards: Gem-Knight Pearl and Backup Warrior.
Each Battle Pack contains 5 cards: 1 rare card, with a special glossy black or white card name, 3 Commons and 1 special, shiny card: a Starfoil Card. Every card in this 220-card set is available in Starfoil - that means players can get sparkly, never seen before versions of anything in the set!
Set Contents: •Battle Pack: Epic Dawn contains 220 cards: 55 Rare Cards and 165 Common Cards
- all 220 cards are also available as Starfoil Cards Produced by Konami in 2012

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