Would you like to save money on UK Postage?

Would you like to save money on UK Postage?With the recent changes to UK postage rates by Royal Mail it's thrown up an interesting way to save money, particularly for Yugioh players on items like Yugioh Gold Series 5 : Haunted Mine or Yugioh Special Edition packs or Yugioh Structure Decks.

If the packaging was opened, but the cards were left in their factory sealed packs then the saving on UK postage would be 1.65.
(1.10 instead of 2.75)
Would you be happy to receive an item this way?
The only problem I can see is the Special Edition packs have a promo that is visible through the cellophane, so you would have to trust the seller to make sure you got the contents of the pack that was opened for you, but the savings are quite considerable.
Also, the postage changes have made attending shows a more attractive proposition. 
Have you decided to attend a show instead of ordering online? 
Get in touch and let me know.

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