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  • Pokemon Call of Legends
    Pokemon Call of Legends
    Thursday 17th of February 2011 09:03:30
    Here's the complete checklist for Pokemon Call of Legends. 
    1.Clefable (reprint) 
    4.Espeon (reprint) 
    5.Foretress UD 
    7.Gyrados (reprint) 
    8.Hitmontop (Reprint) 
    10.Houndoom (UD reprint) 
    11.Jirachi (Reprint) 
    13.Leafeon (reprint) 
    14.Lucario (LL) 
    16.Magmortar (Reprint) 
    17.Ninetales (Reprint) 
    18.Pachirisu (LL) 
    19.Palkia (L-P Promo) 
    21.Smeargle (reprint) 
    22.Umbreon (reprint) 
    23.Ampharos (reprint) 
    24.Cleffa (reprint) 
    25.Feraligatr (reprint) 
    26.Granbull (reprint) 
    27.Meganium (Reprint) 
    28.Mismagius (reprint) 
    29.Mr.Mime (LL) 
    30.Pidgeot (Reprint) 
    31.Skarmory (Reprint) 
    32.Slowking (Reprint) 
    33.Snorlax (LL) 
    34.Tangrowth (LL) 
    35.Typholsion (Reprint) 
    36.Tyrogue (Reprint) 
    37.Ursaring (Reprint) 
    38.Weezing (reprint) 
    39.Zangoose (LL) 
    40.Bayleef (Reprint) 
    41.Crocanaw (Reprint) 
    42.Donphan (Reprint) 
    43.Flaaffy (Reprint) 
    44.Flareon (Reprint) 
    45.Jolteon (Reprint) 
    46.Magby (Reprint) 
    47.Mime Jr. (LL) 
    48.Pidgeotto (Reprint) 
    49.Quilava (Reprint) 
    50.Riolu (LL) 
    51.Seviper (LL) 
    52.Vaporeon (reprint) 
    53.Chikorita (Reprint) 
    55.Cyndaquil (L-P Promo) 
    56.Eevee (Reprint) 
    57.Hitmonchan (Reprint) 
    58.Hitmonlee (Reprint) 
    59.Houndour (Reprint) 
    60.Koffing (reprint) 
    61.Magicarp (Reprint) 
    62.Magmar (Reprint) 
    63.Mareep (L-P promo) 
    64.Mawile (Reprint) 
    65.Misdreavus (Reprint) 
    66.Phanpy (L-P promo) 
    67.Pidgey (Reprint) 
    68.Pineco (Reprint) 
    69.Relicanth (LL) 
    70.Slowpoke (Reprint) 
    71.Snubbull (Reprint) 
    72.Tangela (LL) 
    73.Teddiursa (l-p promo) 
    74.Totodile (L-P Promo) 
    75.Vulpix (Reprint) 
    76.Cheerleader's Cheer (Reprint) 
    77.Copycat (reprint) 
    78.Dual Ball (Reprint) 
    79.Interviewer's Questions (Reprint) 
    80.Lost Remover (LL) 
    81.Lost World (LL) 
    82.Professor Elm's Training Method (Reprint) 
    83.PONT (Reprint) 
    84.Research Record (LL) 
    85.Sage's Training (Reprint) 
    86.Special Darkness Energy 
    87.Special Metal Energy (Reprint) 
    88.Grass Energy 
    89.Fire Energy 
    90.Water Energy 
    91.Lightning Energy 
    92.Psychic Energy 
    93.Fighting Energy 
    94.Dark Energy 
    95.Metal Energy 
    SL1. Deoxys 
    SL2. Dialga 
    SL3. Entei 
    SL4. Groudon 
    SL5. Ho-oh 
    SL6. Kyogre 
    SL7. Lugia 
    SL8. Palkia 
    SL9. Raikou 
  • 2010 - Thanks for making it the busiest year
    Monday 27th of December 2010 17:37:20
    Thank you so much for using the website, and bearing with me while I make the transition from one type of trading card to another. :-)
    The website has gone through a metamorphosis, and we hope you like it. For returning customers we hope you like the new look and all the new features. For new customers thank you for choosing the site, as we know there's a huge choice online. We will continue to expand and update both the selection of cards available and the site throughout the next year and beyond. 
  • Postage Prices Lowered Again at Card Empire!
    Postage Prices Lowered Again at Card Empire!
    Monday 06th of September 2010 11:30:57

    We've been trying out our new postage system, and have managed to reduce the price of postage again!  Minimum Postage in the UK has gone down from £1.95 GBP to £1.00, and now to 75p! There's still a few challenges in trying to get each order as close to the cost of sending the items as possible, but we are trying our best.

    Dont Forget! There's no such thing as free postage. Other sites (including Internet Auction sites) include postage, but 'Free' postage could end up costing you more, as each item has to include the it's minimum postage charge. Our Postage charge for additional items is as low as 1p per card!  

  • Postage Changes - New LOWER Postage for smaller orders
    Postage Changes - New LOWER Postage for smaller orders
    Saturday 28th of August 2010 21:33:04

    In response to customer requests for a change to the Postage and Packing for smaller orders, we've completely overhauled the way the website works out your postage. 90% of customers will pay less than under the previous system. Customers who buy heavier items (Binders and Boxes) may pay a little more, but we are working with our suppliers to lower prices on these higher ticket items. Let me know what you think.

  • Pokemon Undaunted is in stock now!
    Pokemon Undaunted is in stock now!
    Tuesday 17th of August 2010 22:00:43

    Pokemon Undaunted cards are in stock now!

    We've put the Rares, Foils and Prime cards as well as Booster Packs and Sealed Boxes all up on the site. Common and Uncommon cards as well as Pokemon Undaunted Theme Decks are all in stock and available now.

  • Card Empire Announces new Webmaster!
    Card Empire Announces new Webmaster!
    Friday 30th of July 2010 13:04:19

    After exhaustive research, and countless interviews, Card Empire have selected a new webmaster and head of IT.

    Already looking comfortable in his new surroundings, Charlie is already a whizz with the mouse. :)

  • Duelist Pack Kaiba Updated
    Duelist Pack Kaiba Updated
    Sunday 25th of July 2010 10:55:34
    Duelist Pack Kaiba Updated! More Rares, Super Rares, Ultra Rares, and Ultimate Rares. Dont miss them! 
  • Pokemon Unleashed Updated
    Pokemon Unleashed Updated
    Monday 05th of July 2010 22:26:55
    I've updated the Pokemon Unleashed Section. More Uncommons, Legends, Rares and Reverse Holo's have been re-stocked.
  • Shining Darkness Updated
    Sunday 04th of July 2010 15:27:47
    Shining Darkness, Yusei Fudo 1 and 2 sections all fully updated.
  • Yugioh Gladiators Assault, Dark Crisis and Duellist Genesis
    Yugioh Gladiators Assault, Dark Crisis and Duellist Genesis
    Thursday 01st of July 2010 22:11:54
    Yugioh Gladiators Assault, Yugioh Dark Crisis and Yugioh Duellist Genesis cards all updated and new cards added today.
    Rare cards, Ultra Rares, Super Rares and Ultimate Rares for each set updated and added.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Ancient Prophecy and Absolute Powerforce updated!
    Friday 18th of June 2010 17:52:00

    We've updated the Yu-Gi-Oh! sections for Ancient Prophecy and Absolute Powerforce, adding more rarer cards to the site.
    More updates to follow!

  • More Pokemon Packs & Boxes now in stock
    Monday 14th of June 2010 11:11:16

    We've just had a huge delivery of packs for Pokemon Ex and Pokemon Platinum.

    New to the site are packs for Pokemon Ex Holon Phantoms, Pokemon Ex Dragon Frontiers, Pokemon Ex Legend Maker, Pokemon Ex Delta Species and Pokemon Ex Crystal Guardians, plus Pokemon Platinum Supreme Victors. Enjoy!

    We've also a just got a Regigigas Colossal Box and Supreme Victors 3-pack Blister Pack in stock.


  • Welcome to Card Empire
    Sunday 02nd of May 2010 21:48:18

    (I've archived this message, so I can have a fresh message at the top of the News)Hi everyone, My name is Anthony Lee, and I am the proud new owner of the all new Card Empire website We've given the site a fresh new look, and started the huge task of updating all the sections so everything we have is available online.
    I've been selling trading cards for 16 years, but I'm new to the world of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, so please be gentle with me :)
    Regular customers to the site will hopefully find all the features of the site that were available before, plus we've added Paypal to the Payment options and we'll be adding more cards, tins and decks all the time.
    Check out the Show Schedule, and you'll find a list of events that we regularly attend. We usually carry a complete range with us at the shows, but if you are coming to pick anything up in particular, please  get in touch first, as I'd hate you to make a wasted journey.

    Have a look around, and let me know what you think. We want to make the site easier to use, and to make sure we have everything you need, so please let me know if I can be of any help at all.

  • Duellist Pack Kaiba - In Stock Now
    Duellist Pack Kaiba - In Stock Now
    Thursday 15th of April 2010 18:19:04

    Duellist Pack Kaiba is in stock now! Boxes and Packs are available online now.
    Singles will be up asap. 

  • More Yu-Gi-Oh Decks added
    Friday 02nd of April 2010 14:35:21
    We've just re-stocked some older Yu-Gi-Oh Decks. SpellCaster's Command, Warriors' Strike, 2009 Starters, Zombie World Structure Decks and Ancient Prophecy Special Edition Packs.
  • Classic Pokemon is Here!
    Friday 02nd of April 2010 14:30:39

    We've just trawled the archives and added some classic rare Pokemon cards from Premiere Edition and the Jungle Expansion.

    More to Follow!

  • Huge Yu-Gi-Oh updates to the site
    Monday 08th of March 2010 08:16:20
    Hi, Just added about 300 Yu-Gi-Oh Rare cards from all the older sets to the site, and updated about 50 foil cards. More updates of common cards and newer sets soon.
  • Pokemon HeartGold Soul Silver Poster Packs
    Pokemon HeartGold Soul Silver Poster Packs
    Thursday 04th of March 2010 19:16:15

    Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Poster Packs have finally arrived.

    Each pack contains 2 Heartgold Soulsilver Boosters, plus 2 3-card Bonus packs plus a Heartgold Soulsilver poster featuring all the cards in one side, and a cool poster on the other and 1 of 2 foil promo cards, either the Rainbow Pokemon Ho-Oh or Diving Pokemon Lugia

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Machina Mayhem Decks in NOW!
    Yu-Gi-Oh Machina Mayhem Decks in NOW!
    Thursday 18th of February 2010 14:04:23
    Yu-Gi-Oh Machina Mayhem Decks are in stock now.

    Machina Mayhem is a ready-to-play Structure Deck with a war machine unlike any seen before!

    This 40-card Deck includes 11 brand-new cards, and gives you the tools you need to Summon awesome engines of destruction – designed to pulverize your opponent’s monsters.

    Machina Mayhem introduces the “Machina” series of Machine monsters. “Machina” monsters specialize in Special Summoning other “Machina” monsters, and then equipping themselves to each other to assemble bigger and bigger machines!

    As a special bonus, Machina Mayhem includes “The Big Saturn” from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga, one of the biggest Machines to ever appear in a Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series.

    Structure Decks like Machina Mayhem are perfect for Duelists who know the basic rules, but are looking for a launching point to build a competitive Deck for tournament use. Machina Mayhem has everything a Duelist needs, including Deck, full rulebook, deluxe Game Mat, and Dueling Guide with tips on how to power up the Deck even more.

    Machina Mayhem Contents:

    • 37 Common Cards
    • 1 Ultra Rare Card
    • 2 Super Rare Cards
    • 1 Rulebook
    • 1 Deluxe Game Mat
    • 1 Dueling Guide
  • Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver is in!
    Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver is in!
    Friday 12th of February 2010 22:09:40
    Pokemon  Heart Gold Soul Silver is in stock now! Theme Decks and Boxes and Booster Packs are available now.
    Singles are all on the site!

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