Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Legends Awakened Theme Deck Metal Surge (DECK-LA-MS)

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Legends Awakened Theme Deck Metal Surge.
Deep in the Far Reaches, Legends Awaken. Become a legend in your own time when you play the Pokemon TCG: Diamond & PearlŚLegends Awakened expansion! Powerful Legendary Pokemon like Regigigas and Heatran, more amazing Pokemon LV.X than ever before, and a host of other game-changing Pokemon will make your battles even more epic.
And with new Trainer and Supporter cards, you will awaken the legend within yourself.
The legends are rising to the challengeŚwill you rise with them?


1 Metallic Coin
1 Rulebook/Card List
1-player mat
Damage Counters

60 Pokemon Card Deck (listed below) (including a specially selected Holographic Foil card)

Heatran x 1
Metagross x 1
Metang x 1
Beldum x 4
Yanmega x 1
Yanma x 4
Ledian x 2
Ledyba x 4
Meowth x 4
Pineco x 2
Buck's Training x 2
Cynthia's Feelings x 1
Technical Machine TS-1 x 2
Poke Radar x 2
Energy Search x 2
Potion x 2
Grass Energy x 14
Metal Energy x 10

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