Pokemon XY Steam Seige - Factory Sealed Booster Box (POK-BOX-XYSS)

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  • Product Code:POK-BOX-XYSS
  • Condition:New
  • Seller:Card Empire
  • Brand:Pokemon Company
  • Rarity:Booster Box

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Product Description

Factory Sealed Pokemon XY Steam Seige Sealed Booster Box.

36 Packs of 10 cards

Pokemon XY Steam Seige 36 Count Booster Box (Factory Sealed)

Product Features

- Booster Box contains 36 Boosters (10 cards Per Pack)

- Each pack contains a code card for 1 bonus online booster pack

Box Contents:

Pokemon XY 36 Count Booster Box 
Produced in 2016 by Pokemon

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