Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Stormfront Theme Deck Dark Rampage (DECK-SF-DR)

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Stormfront Theme Deck Dark RampageDetails : A turbulent force is approaching in the Pokemon Trading Card Game: Diamond and Pearl - Stormfront expansion. Featuring more favorite Pokemon, new Pokemon LV.X including the Gripper Pokemon Dusknoir and Superpower Pokemon Machamp, brand-new Trainer cards, new gameplay options, and new strategies... the storm is coming, and it's ready to change everything!
* More powerful new Pokemon LV.X
* New strategies like Trainer cards that can be played in pairs
* Pokemon with Items for added benefits
* Exciting holographic parallel set for players and collectors alike

1 Metallic Coin
1 Rulebook/Card List
1-player mat
Damage Counters

60 Pokemon Card Deck (listed below) (including a specially selected Holographic Foil card)

Tyranitar x 1
Pupitar x 2
Larvitar x 4
Staraptor x 1
Staravia x 2
Starly x 4
Skuntank x 1
Stunky x 4
Machop x 4
Bagon x 2
Energy Search x 2
Potion x 2
Cynthia's Feelings x 2
Energy Switch x 2
Great Ball x 2
Luxury Ball x 1
Dark Energy x 13
Fighting Energy x 11

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