A4 9-Pocket Portfolio/Album - Pokemon Guardians Rising (A4-POK SM2 port)

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  • Product Code:A4-POK SM2 port
  • Condition:New
  • Seller:Card Empire
  • Brand:Pokemon Company
  • Rarity:Folder

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Our Price: £8.95

Product Description

Ultra Pro A4 Pokemon Card Album - holds up to 180 cards

This Portfolio has 10 x 9-pocket pages bound into the folder. Although additional pages CANNOT be added to this folder, this is a good way to store 90 cards or 180 cards if you put 2-per sleeve, back-to-back. This is also a good way to transport cards to tournaments etc. while keeping them protected.

Image shows front (right) and back (left)


Produced by Ultra Pro

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