Yu-Gi-Oh Shining Darkness - FACTORY SEALED Booster Box (BOX-TSHD)

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Shining Darkness Sealed Booster Box
9 cards per pack, 24 cards per Booster Box

The Shining Darkness provides Duelists with an opportunity to get Secret Rares with more frequency. This set includes 8 Secret Rare cards just like previous sets, but we’ve increased the chances to get a highly sought-after Secret Rare by over 30%.

Blackwings get their biggest boost yet with this set, which includes 9 new Blackwing-themed cards. Blackwings have a huge fan base, including top finishing tournament players and fans of the TV show, too, giving them huge across the board appeal. Every player will want to get their hands on the new Blackwing cards in this set.
The most anticipated series in years is almost here Shining Darkness brings to bare dozens of powerful, game-altering cards such as Crow's Blackfeather Dragon! Don't miss out or you'll be blown away!

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