Pokemon Platinum Arceus - Stormshaper Theme Deck (DECK-ARC-01)

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Pokemon Platinum Arceus Stormshaper Theme Deck

  • Stormshaper Theme Deck: Shocks are in store for your opponents with this Lightning Arceus-led deck. Vary your Active Pokemon and attacks at breakneck speed with the Alpha Pokemon's Lightning Turn attack and, as if that weren't enough, use the Pokemon Tool Expert Belt to both boost your Pokemon HP and increase the damage...as well as the devastation of your attacks! But beware, pitfalls await the unwary Trainer who allows a Pokemon to be Knocked Out while using the Expert Belt...so shape your storms carefully!
    Each Pokemon Platinum Arceus Stormshaper theme deck contains a 60 card Pokemon deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card),
    1 metallic coin
    1 rulebook/card list
    1-Player playmat and damage counters.
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