Pokemon Platinum Arceus - Flamemaster Theme Deck (DECK-ARC-02)

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Pokemon Platinum Arceus Flamemaster Theme Deck

  • Flamemaster Theme Deck: Make your opponent feel the burn as Fire Arceus unleashes its Bright Flame attack, and keep the damage coming with the Trainer card Energy Restore as you racet oward victory! Bring Tangrowth into the equation and inflict some tag-team trouble on already weakened Pokemon with its devastataing Swallow Up attack or use Leaf Guard to both defend and attack at the same time. Only those who play with fire can become the Flamemaster!

    Each Pokemon Platinum Arceus Flamemaster theme deck contains a 60 card Pokemon deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card),
    1 metallic coin,
    1 rulebook/card list,
    1-Player playmat and damage counters.
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