Yu-Gi-Oh Storm of Ragnarok - FACTORY SEALED Booster Box (BOX-STOR)

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Yu-Gi-Oh Storm of Ragnorak SEALED Booster Box
(Yes we know the image is of an open box. Yours will be factory sealed)

Configuration:  24 packs per box. 9 cards per pack.

This was the Viking name for The End of the World. But as one world ends, a bold new age of Dueling begins!
As Ragnarok approaches, the Nordic gods Odin, Thor, and Loki descend upon the Dueling world, bringing with them the full fury of the monsters and warriors of the north. This 100-card set lets you bring down the wrath of the gods on your opponents!

One of the most powerful booster sets to release in years, Storm of Ragnarok will sweep away anyone who cannot adapt to the changing times, for the time of Ragnarok is at hand!

The Aesir

The Aesir are the supreme gods of the ancient Vikings. Now they have left their golden thrones and snow-covered lands to take new forms as some of the most powerful Synchro Monsters ever created!

Now YOU can use their awesome power to crush your enemies once and for all! All of these Level 10 monsters have super-high ATK & DEF. In the unlikely event that they are ever destroyed, they can also return themselves from the Graveyard!




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