Yu-Gi-Oh Absolute Powerforce - FACTORY SEALED Booster Box (BOX-ABPF)

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  • Rarity:Booster Box

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Yu-Gi-Oh Absolute Powerforce SEALED Booster Box
(the image is of an open box. Yours will be factory sealed)

Configuration:  24 packs per box. 9 cards per pack.
Absolute Powerforce features Jack Atlas' "Majestic Red Dragon" - the latest and greatest upgrade for The Five Dragons.
Absolute Powerforce also contains new Koa'ki Meiru, X-Sabers, Ritual Monster cards, Reptiliannes, Spellcasters, Machines, and more. And in
a special treat for long-time Duelists, an old favorite has returned: It's time to dust off their "Necrovalley" cards and add 4 brand new cards
to their Gravekeeper's Decks!
This booster set absolutely has more power than any set should ever have. Don't miss out!

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