Pokemon Black and White Theme Deck - Blue Assault (POK-BW DECK BA)

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Pokemon Black and White Blue Assualt Theme Deck.
 Your opponents will soon find themselves in troubled waters with the Blue Assault theme deck, especially when you unleash Galvantula! Its Electroweb attack is sure to leave them in sticky situations, and its Leech Life attack will keep your own Pokemon going strong! Use Basculin's Crunch attack to leave your opponent's Pokemon high and dry while Professor Juniper brings you calm waters. Will you be able to batter the opposition with the Blue Assault theme deck?
Box includes:
 60 Pokemon card deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card)
 1 Metallic coin
 Damage Counters
 2-player Playmat/Rulesheet
 1 code card

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