Pokemon Black and White Theme Deck - Green Tornado (POK-BW DECK GT)

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Pokemon Black and White Green Tornado Theme Deck.
 Play the Green Tornado theme deck to blow away the opposition while sheltering your own Pokemon with Serperior's Leaf Storm attack! Then, bring Sawsbuck into the action and overwhelm your opponent's Pokemon with its "the greener, the meaner" Nature Power attack! And if your opponents can weather the storm with tough Pokemon, let them ride it out in peaceful slumbers with Musharna's Hypnotic Ray attack! With the Green Tornado theme deck, will you whirl your way to victory?
Box includes:
 60 Pokemon card deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card)
 1 Metallic coin
 Damage Counters
 2-player Playmat/Rulesheet
 1 code card

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