Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Pack Crow - FACTORY SEALED Booster Box (BOX-DPCROW)

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Factory Sealed Duelist Booster Box - Crow

Some of the most popular Duelist Packs focused on the friends and rivals of Yu-Gi-Oh's main chracters. Duelist Pack : Crow is the first 5D's Duelist Pack to join this tradition!

Blackwing Decks have been one of the most popular decks for two years running. Duelist Pack Crow is the best way for everyone to jump on board the Blackwing Bandwagon!

This 30-card set features reprints of 25 of Crow's most powerful Blackwing Monsters, spell and traps.
It has 5 new Blackwing cards. Even experienced Blackwing champions will want to get these new cards for their deck.
30-card set contains:
17 Common cards
7 Rare cards
4 Super Rare cards
2 Ultra Rare cards
10 Strategy cards
36 packs per Box
5 cards per pack

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