Pokemon 2010 Collectors Box (POK 2010 COL)

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  • Product Code:POK 2010 COL
  • Condition:New
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  • Brand:Pokemon Company
  • Rarity:Collectors Gift Set

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Pokemon 2010 Collectors Box *NEW* TCG
The Pokemon TCG Collector’s Box returns, containing a theme deck and four boosters from sets released over the last year >Become the collector you've always wanted to be when they open up the Pokemon Trading Card Game Collector's Box! Including 4 Diamond & Pearl Series boosters, 1 EX Series theme deck, and two special foil promo cards, the Pokemon TCG: Collector's Box will bring out the collector, trainer, and player in everyone!
• 1 Themed deck
• 4 Booster packs
• 2 Foil promo cards

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