Yu-Gi-Oh Gold Series 4 2011 Box : Pyramids Edition UK REPACK (BOX-YGO GOLD 4)

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UK Customers
With the changes in the rules for UK postage since April 2013, it's meant this item costs an extra £2.60 to send through the post than it did before, because of it's unusual shape. As we don't like giving the Post Office extra money that we don't have to, we've decided to offer this service to save you the extra postage.
Although it involves opening the Pyramid Packaging, WE WILL NOT OPEN THE CONTENTS. (either the 25-card pack or the Yugioh Playmat.)
These items will be placed in a smaller box, which will be send along with the packaging. Everything else will remain the same. (including the price)
If you would prefer this item sent in it's original packaging, there is an option for the same item priced at £19.55
Outside the UK
This item will be sent without the packaging being opened.

Yu-Gi-Oh Gold Series 4 Box : Pyramids Edition

The original Dueling legends are back!

Introducing Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition, the biggest and best Gold Series ever!

Available only through hobby stores and distributors, each box of Gold Series 4 includes one 25-card pack plus 1 of 3 high-quality rubber Game Mats.

First Time Ever: Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Game Mats!

Gold Series 4 Game Mats are made from ultra-tough rubber to last a long time. Until now, these kinds of high-quality Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Game Mats have ONLY been available as hard-to-get tournament prizes.

Now (at last!) you can pick up a premium Game Mat for yourself just by going to your local hobby store.

Each box of Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition includes 1 of 3 Game Mats:

  • Standard Edition boxes contain either the Yugi Game Mat (with Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl) or the Kaiba Game Mat (with Blue-Eyes White Dragon and XYZ-Dragon Cannon).
  • Official Tournament Stores may also have a special Official Tournament Store Edition. (You can easily check by looking for “O.T.S. Edition” on the bottom of the box.) Instead of the Yugi or Kaiba Game Mat, this Edition has an exclusive team-up Game Mat. This special Mat has Yugi AND Kaiba – together again for another of their famous team Duels!

TIP: Always check the bottom of the Gold Series 4 box to see which version it is: “Standard Edition” or “O.T.S. Edition”. That way you have a better idea which Game Mat you will be getting!

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